Beyond ‘Re-Animator’

From Beyond (1986)

I’m ashamed of myself. Before tonight, I’d painted Stuart Gordon as a one-trick pony. Re-Animator. I’d seen a couple of his other films, like Dagon and Castle Freak, and…well… they were okay. Good enough. But just barely beyond the realm of awful. And his season 1 Masters of Horror episode? That was awful. (I gave up on season two before his episode aired.) But Re-Animator… It’s a classic! How could anything else he made possibly compare to it?

But I’d heard good things about From Beyond. Ever since the DVD was finally released last year, I’d been hearing good things about it and it’s been on my list of DVDs That I Need to Buy One Day. So while I was making a quick trip to Best Buy yesterday to pick up The Machine Girl, I happened to glance over and saw that From Beyond was on sale for a mere $8.99*. How could I resist?!

But after watching it today, I’d have to say that From Beyond is at least as good as Re-Animator, if not better. (Blasphemy? Maybe.) It might not have the fun and re-watchability of the adventures of Herbert West, but in the realm of horror, it’s pretty damned good.

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