‘The Strangers’ scores at the box office. Huzzah!

I don’t even know what “Huzzah” means, but it seemed like an appropriate way to show excitement.

And I’m excited ‘cuz The Strangers, which I loved, pulled in $20 million at the box office this weekend.  Obviously, there was no way for it to compete against the Sex and the City movie or Indiana Jones (which actually fell over 50% from last week) but for a fairly low budget horror flick to come in #3 at the box office and still rake in this kind of dough in the middle of the summer movie season is a pretty big deal.

And it’s even sweeter because it’s an R-rated horror flick and it’s an original horror flick and it’s a good horror flick.  After the last couple of crappy PG-13 remakes have performed poorly, maybe people have finally gotten tired of the same ol’ same ol’ and they’re as excited as I am to have real horror back in theaters.  Or maybe it’s just that the marketing for the film made it look really damn good (which, I may have mentioned, it is).

Hopefully, this means we’ll get more good, original horror in theaters now.  As long as Repo! The Genetic Opera gets a big enough release for me to see it here in Greenville, SC, I’ll be happy.