‘Barackula: The Musical’

I guess this is some sort of new internet sensation that I was somehow unaware of until DJ pointed it out to me.  Where have I been to have missed something as awesome as this.  Not that you’ll need anymore convincing to watch it (I’m sure I had you at “Barackula: The Musical“) but here’s the official synopsis:

Barackula is a short political horror rock musical about young Barack Obama having to stave off a secret society of vampires at Harvard when he was inducted into presidency at the Harvard Law Review in 1990. Obama (Justin Sherman) finds that he must convince the vampire society that opposing political philosophies can coexist or else the society may transform Obama to the dark side. Reminiscent to Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and a slight infusion of Jesus Christ Superstar, this short film offers two original musical numbers, “Running” and “This Is Our Time,” which, lyrically, are allegorical to Obama’s current campaign and speeches. The film solely depicts Obama’s strengths, merits and genuineness while being quietly respectful towards the other presidential candidates.

Since I’m a fan of rock operas, vampires, and Barack Obama, the very existence of this video is sort of a win-win… um, -win situation.

You can watch the film in its entirety in awesome hi-def at its official website or if you’re too lazy to click a link, you can watch the craptackula YouTube version after the jump (which still involves clicking a link, I guess).

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Greatest Musical Ever? Yes. Greatest. Musical. Ever.

So it’s been about eight years since I last went to Universal Studios in Orlando and I haven’t been to Universal Studios Hollywood since never. And now, I’m really itching to go. First, they got rid of that sort of lame Back to the Future ride (that was still awesome just because it was a Back to the Future Ride) to make room for what looks to be a really fun Simpsons ride.

And now, Universal Hollywood is getting a new show called Creature from the Black Lagoon: The Musical.

Which, basically, is the greatest thing I’ve ever heard. Creature From the Black Lagoon seems to be the redheaded stepchild of Universal Monster Movies, I guess because you can’t see the visage of a Lugosi or Karloff or Raines under all that make-up, but as far as pure filmmaking goes, it stands head-and-shoulders above the other well-known Universal Monster fare, with the exception of Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein, which research shows, are the greatest movies ever.

The sequels to Creature are also pretty solid, as opposed to, say, The Ghost of Frankenstein. So color me excited that this movie is getting made into a musical. Because I’d like to see the Gill Man sing. Who wouldn’t?

Unfortunately for me, this seems to be only opening in Universal’s Hollywood theme park, so I’ll either have to wait a while, or walk a very long ways to see it.

Click here to see the full-size awesome teaser poster for the show over at ShockTillYouDrop (it’s their exclusive and my morals are too high to just steal it).