Catching up with Dario.

Deep Red [aka Profundo Rosso] (1975)

So I finally saw Deep Red. I’ve counted myself among Dario Argento’s fans for years, ever since a friend turned me on to Suspiria and Opera and while I’ve seen those movies countless times, I’ve delved very little into the rest of Il Maestro’s filmography, with a few exceptions (I’ve seen Tenebrae several times and it remains one of my favorites of his; I’ve also had the unfortunate pleasure of seeing The Phantom of the Opera… the less said about that one, the better).

For a while, I’ve had several of Argento’s movies sitting on my shelf, unwatched. There’s his early giallo, The Bird with the Crystal Plumage; his first full-length American production, Trauma; and his George Romero collaboration, Two Evil Eyes. They all stare at me, begging me to watch them. But there was another sitting there that I’m ashamed to have never seen*, as it’s pretty much considered by most of Argento’s fans as one of his best. Hell, the DVD packaging even calls it “Argento’s Masterpiece!” They wouldn’t lie just to sell a product would they?

If you haven’t figured it out, the film in question is Deep Red. And today, since I had the day off work and little to do, I decided to delve into some Argento. I’ve read several reviews of his films over the last few days, since there’s a new DVD box set that was released today (cleverly titled 5 Films by Dario Argento), so I was itching to get into something of his that I’d never seen.

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