Saving the Midnight Meat Train…

…for your mom. Zing!

I’m sorry. That was uncalled for. This movie’s got enough problems without me resorting to wiener jokes. I haven’t actually seen Midnight Meat Train, but then, neither has hardly anyone else. But it looks awesome, word on the street is that it’s awesome, it’s from the brain of Clive Barker and it was directed by the guy responsible for this. And this. So naturally, I might physically die if I don’t get to see this movie. Cliver Barker feels my pain:

My Dear Friends,

As you may or may not have heard, due to certain politics, “Midnight Meat Train” is in danger of Lionsgate not giving it a wide release. The below email was brought to my attention earlier today and shows a movement, of sorts, in order to get the picture the proper support and release it deserves. I’m asking you to please help spread the word in order for all to enjoy this film. I want to passionately encourage everybody who cares about my work to use this chance to change the minds of the folks at Lionsgate. I’m excited at the prospect of a movement of people who care deeply enough to initiate a campaign such as this.

Anything any of you can do – be it emails, web postings, word of mouth, and the like – to help encourage this movement would be deeply appreciated. The film is worth the effort in my mind, and I do not want to see my work fall by the wayside.

If any of you have any further ideas, thoughts, or suggestions to help with this effort, please let me know.

Thanks, as always, for your help and support.

Much Love,

I’m going to go ahead and put that e-mail that Clive mentioned after the jump, because it’s a long one.

(That’s what she said. Two for two!)

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