I fell asleep during the ‘Death Race’ trailer.

For those that ain’t in the know like yours truly, there’s a remake of Roger Corman’s Death Race 2000 coming out this year from cinematic maestro Paul W.S. Anderson (Alien vs. Predator, Resident Evil) called simply… Death Race.  I guess tacking a “2000” on the end of something to make it sound cooler is just so last year.

Anyways, Death Race looks like pretty much every other P.W.S. Anderson movie: Like it’s going to be terrible, but not terrible enough to offend me as a human being and want to claw my eyeballs out with a spork.  (That’s Uwe Boll’s job*.)

I might see it just because Jason Statham’s in it and I have a man crush on him.  It also helps that Ian McShane is hanging out in front of the cameras, though it looks like he’s kind of slumming it, doesn’t it?  And let’s not get started on Joan Allen.  She must be in debt to the mob or something.  The mob of SUCK.  Zing!

If you don’t like the crappy YouTube quality of the clip above, you can watch it over at Yahoo! Movies in whatever crappy looking format they’re using over in that neck of the woods.

For kicks, a much better trailer after the jump.

[Both trailers via the always awesome Gnolad]

*The offending is his job, not the actual spork eye-gouging.  Though I’m sure he’d be up for it.  Crazy fucker.


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