Blood, guts, sushi, guns and Japanese school girls. What’s not to like?

The Machine Girl [Kataude mashin gâru] (2008)

If the trailer for The Machine Girl doesn’t make you want to see the movie, then there’s not much that I’d be able to do to change your mind. If that sort of over-the-top, blood-spattered roaring rampage of Japanese revenge doesn’t get your juices flowing, then I’ve got nothin’ for you.

But for those who’ve seen the trailer and are shivering with anticipation, wondering if the film itself is all that the trailer makes it out to be, then I can go ahead and answer that for you with a resounding “Yes.” The Machine Girl is ridiculous. It is over-the-top. It’s a bloody comic book of a movie with no basis in any sort of reality that I’ve ever witnessed. But when you’ve got a protagonist with a machine gun for an arm, what can you really expect? Other than awesome, I mean.

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