‘Tyrannosaurus Rex’ poster is 95% badass.

We haven’t heard much about Rob Zombie’s Tyrannosaurus Rex (I keep forgetting how to spell that; 11-year-old me would be ashamed) in a while, but when Zombie released the awesome promo poster on his MySpace a couple of days ago, everyone started talking about the movie again. And nobody really knows anything about the movie (except, I assume, Zombie).

Zombie’s been keeping very hush-hush on this one. Probably because he was very open about his involvement with Halloween and, well, everyone hated it. But maybe it’s just because nothing’s really happened with the movie yet. But that don’t stop us internet nerds from speculating!

From QuietEarth:

[I]t’s about a wrestler named Tyrannosaurus Rex who is on the run from a biker gang from hell. The idea for the film is loosely based on the comic book Zombie did with Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) entitled THE NAIL.” Here’s the synopsis for the comic Hunted in one of the most desolate regions of America, preyed upon by an evil that does not sleep, Rex Hauser is The Nail – and it’s time he took a stand. A semi-pro wrestler, Hauser has been touring the country performing at small-time arenas until the fateful night he and his family run afoul of a bloodthirsty gang of Satanic bikers stalking the North Dakota Badlands. Now he’s a lone man fighting for the survival of his loved ones in a no-holds-barred standoff against the forces of Hell itself! The Nail is a relentless, unflinching portrait of the heart of darkness, and what one man will sacrifice to hold it at bay.

That sounds pretty badass, so I hope it’s true. BUT IS IT?!

Here’s Steve Niles himself on the matter (via Bloody-Disgusting):

“I’ve been getting a lot of calls and mail about Rob Zombie’s new project, Tyrannosaurus Rex,” NIles writes on his blog. “People seem to be under the impression that Rob is doing The Nail and cutting me out. This is not true. Not only is T-Rex a different story, but also Rob is 100% owner of The Nail and is welcome to cherry pick anything he wants. It’s his concept. I was just along for the ride.”

So it’s not The Nail but it might be The Nail? I dunno. I’ll still do some movie nerd speulatin’ of my own and go ahead and cast those three peoples on the poster! Ready?!

I’m really just sort of pulling these out of left field, ya know?  Especially that chick on the right.


Inside Halloween 2.

The title to this post is going to seem a lot cleverer here in a minute after you’ve read what I have to say below.

You know that unwanted and unwarranted Halloween remake that Rob Zombie made last year that everyone hated? Well, sorry haters, but it made a shit ton of money. And since those Weinstein boys were involved, we’ve got a sequel coming our way. Because apparently their swimming pool full of money was getting low and they need a sure-fire thing to fill it up again.

And who better than apparent gorehounds Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury, co-directors of the awesome French horror flick, Inside? Well, according to SchockTilYouDrop.com, that’s what’s happening. I kind of hate the idea that these guys are having to jump on the remake bandwagon like every other successful foreign filmmaker, but they’ve gotta do what they’ve gotta do. The duo were previously attached to Weinstein’s upcoming Hellraiser remake and, as they explain in the new issue of Rue Morgue Magazine in a great interview, there’s really no market for horror in France, so if they want to continue to get money to work in the genre, they’ve gotta come Stateside. And do whatever Bob and Harvey want them to, I guess.

Here’s a shocker: I’m in the minority in that I actually liked Rob Zombie’s Halloween. I didn’t love it and I still think that it was completely unnecessary, but for what it is, I enjoyed it. And since it did make so much money, it was inevitable that a sequel would be in the works. So I’m just glad that they got someone who seems to have some talent to work on the sequel, instead of just churning one out by a talentless hack (keep in mind that I’m basing this only on viewing Inside; for all I know, these guys could be one-trick ponies, but reading their interview in Rue Morgue makes me think that these guys at least have an appreciation for the genre).