Joshua Hoffine’s photography will FREAK YOU OUT.

I wish I could remember where I found the link to photographer Joshua Hoffine’s website but since I don’t, I’ll go ahead and take credit for discovering this artist myself. In fact, he’s got me to thank for his entire career!

I’m a photography buff and a horror buff so kind of right up my alley.

Oddly, the creepiest picture in the bunch is one of the few without dead things / monsters. It’s one with a gawd dang clown in it. And you can’t even see the clown’s face. But you know it’s there. You always know they’re there. It’s a bit cliche to talk about clownphobia but I did once get smacked in the face with a rubber fish at a Ringling Brothers show, so I think I’ve got good reason to be weary around these weirdos.

*So much so that I majored in it in college but never finished. That says more about my commitment than to my love of the art. Passionate, but lazy. That’s me!