New (functioning) ‘Martyrs’ teaser trailers.

A while back, I posted a trailer for the upcoming French horror flick, Martyrs. And it was awesome. And now… uh… it’s gone. Luckily, Twitch has saved the day by posting two official teaser trailers for the movie. And while they don’t show nearly as much as the previous trailer did (which I think was actually a Cannes sales reel), they’re still pretty intense.

Normally, I’d try to make a witty and/or funny comment right now (probably at the expense of the French) but it’s been a long, exhausting day, and I’m just too tired to be clever. I apologize to you, my adoring fans.

Oh yeah. The trailer.

Well, since WordPress doesn’t like me posting Twitch’s videos, I’ll have to direct you to the fine folks at ShockTillYouDrop, where I first saw these teasers. Enjoy!


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  1. […] must say, this film seems intriguiging.  Thanks, Justin, for the […]

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