Another Corny Remake. (Updated with more Awesome!)

Get it? Corny. You see, because this story’s about a remake of Children of the Corn! Man, I’m funny.

So yeah. That’s pretty much all of the significant news on the subject. They’re remaking Children of the Corn and my feelings are… apathetic.

I mean, it’s Children of the Corn, so who cares? The original is an okay horror movie, but I don’t think it’s topping anyone’s favorite movies lists. Unless there’s a guy out there who’s only seen two movies: Children of the Corn and Meet the Spartans.

So whatever. Remake it. I don’t care. I’m tired of getting pissed over remakes. Besides, this is a movie that might even benefit from being remade. It’s not like it’s a remake ofCreature from the Black Lagoon or something. And hopefully, this’ll wash the taste of all 18 of the Children of the Corn sequels out of my mouth*.

And Bloody-D says that a guy named Donald P. Borchers is going to be behind the lens. His IMDb shows that he’s mostly a producer and has been one of the guys behind The Beastmaster (yay!) and, well, Children of the Corn. He’s also directed two movies that I’ve never heard of. Let the apathy continue…

LIFE-CHANGING UPDATE: This is being made as a Sci-Fi Channel premiere.  Which means that, most likely, I’ll forget that it exists and will never, ever watch it.

*Literally. I ate them. They made better snacks than movies, really.


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  1. Do you know where to send submissions for roles for the movie? I have a daughter who would be very interested in one very small part (little girl age 5-7). She is 9, very petite, easily passes for 6, and is an excellent actress, and we live in IOWA! I have not been able to find anything about who the casting director is or where to send submissions. Any info would be much appreciated. Please e mail to Thanks.

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